Every adventurer needs an off-road vehicle, to take them to all those far-flung places, and every off-road vehicle needs a full range of 4×4 parts and accessories. Even the most sturdy and highly maintained vehicle will sometimes break, especially when tested to the limits of its capabilities. Every 4×4 also has the potential to be equipped and accessorised to the maximum, turning your basic 4×4 into an incredible adventuring machine.

At APB we have a full range of 4×4 parts and accessories to suit a wide variety of vehicles. Our extensive products include Landrover parts for the classic off-road vehicle. With our knowledge and experience of adventuring all across the world from deserts to jungles, mountains to plains, we know the accessories that you are going to want to make your vehicle ready for whatever you may meet. All our 4×4 accessories are chosen for their quality and reliability, so whatever may let you down, it certainly won’t be your 4×4 accessories.

APB for the all your 4 x 4 parts and accessories.

4x4 parts and accessories

All our 4×4 parts and accessories are available to purchase online However we are conveniently situated in the Kidderminster, Worcestershire, so if you want to take advantage of our fully equipped specialist garage you can bring your 4×4 to us, to fit your parts and accessories near Kidderminster. We are ready to help you kit out your 4×4 to your unique requirements, with our excellent advice you can design your 4×4 to ensure that it is the perfect vehicle for your requirements

We pride ourselves on the quality of service we offer to all our clients. We bring the same level of care and attention to detail, whether you want a simple spare wheel, or a full refurb kit out of your vehicle. When you come to APB Trading we will listen to your requirements, and help you to choose the best 4×4 parts and accessories for you.

For friendly, helpful advice on preparing for all of your adventures, please call us. With our many years of adventuring experience, we ensure that all of our employees are well trained and knowledgeable about all 4×4 parts and accessories. We really enjoy helping all of our customers to get the very best out of their adventuring.If you have any questions please contact APB Trading, on 01299 250174, email us at enquiries@apbtrading.co.uk.