Rust Proofing

Getting out and about in the great outdoors and the wilderness is a key part of modern living – we all need to escape from the city from time to time. Yet, without rust proofing, this relaxing past-time can become more stressful than we had intended it to be.

Getting away from it all

We all need to get away from the monotony of our working lives every now and again. For many of us, it’s an absolute must – the call of nature is just too strong to ignore. Too many of us spend Monday to Friday sat at a desk, gazing at the hills in the distance, or day-dreaming of the weekend, when we can get out into the wilderness and get stuck into the mud on some hillside, somewhere. We pack up our backpacks, make sure we have all the best camping equipment, from high quality, warm sleeping bags, to strong, durable tents, cooking equipment, compasses and maps… but too many of us neglect to think about relatively simple essentials like rust proofing our vehicles. Rust is a real problem for cars, especially off-road vehicles, which need to be as durable as possible, so that they can handle all that nature throws their way.

The effects of rust and why you should think about rust proofing

rust proofing

Rust proofing protects your 4×4 from the damaging effects of rust. Rust is caused when the metals in your car begin to mix with oxygen and water, and while small patches of rust are generally considered to be primarily a cosmetic issue, easily overlooked, it spreads like a nasty rash and can cause massive problems. Essentially, rust on your car with begin to corrode the material your vehicle is made from. Over time, this will weaken the integrity of the frame, and could cause bits and pieces to snap completely. Thankfully, rust proofing is a relatively simple, quick and affordable process, and is one which can massively increase the longevity and durability of your off road vehicle.

So, if you think you’re likely to feel the call of wild sometime soon, and want to rest assured your car is protected from the elements with service and repairs, think about rust proofing and what it can do for you today. To find out more, visit our website or get in touch by calling us on 01299 250174.