Everybody wants a trustworthy local 4×4 service centre, where they can leave their 4×4 safe in the knowledge that all the work will be done by experienced and dedicated mechanics who understand the unique requirements of 4x4s. Standard garages may be extremely competent but can lack the in-depth knowledge for dealing specifically with 4x4s. With us, not only do we have specialist 4×4 knowledge, we also bring our adventuring background to all of our work, so that should you be preparing your 4×4 for an overland adventure, we understand your exacting requirements.

local 4x4 service centre

Your local 4×4 service centre is your first port of call no matter what your requirements. Whether you want an oil level check, or require a full service before your holidays, we are here to help. We offer full MOT services, to ensure that your 4×4 is fully roadworthy. We can provide loan cars while yours is in your local 4×4 service centre, meaning that you are not inconvenienced.

We are able to work on a huge range of types and models of 4×4, from a standard Landrover service and repair, through to extensive rebuilds for a wide variety of models. We are experts at sourcing hard to find parts for vintage Landrovers as well as providing a full rust proofing service, to keep your vintage or new Landrover in tip top condition. With our 4×4 servicing in Worcestershire, we are ideally located to be accessible throughout the region, not just for servicing and repairs  Kidderminster.

Trusted, professional and local 4×4 service centre

Your local 4×4 service centre, APB, is not only ideal for all of your everyday needs, but also with our knowledge of overland adventuring, it is the perfect place to take your 4×4 before your next trip.. With our knowledge we can help you to ensure that your 4×4 is fit for whatever lies ahead, no matter how testing. From deserts to mountains, and or from the school run to the supermarket shop, we understand the challenges presented by the everyday challenge

For friendly, helpful advice on preparing for all your trips, please call us. To get the best service and advice for your 4×4, contact your local 4×4 service centre today. We really enjoy helping all of our customers get the very best out of their vehicles. If you have any questions, please contact APB Trading, on 01299 250174, email us enquiries@apbtrading.co.uk or visit our website. You can also visit our previous blog update to learn about 4×4 parts and accessories for your next adventure!